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Emergence of New Knowledge Through Artistic Collaboration

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Inspirational quotation

‘To enter into dialogue presupposes equality amongst participants. Each must trust the others; there must be mutual respect and love (care and commitment). Each one must question what he or she knows and realize that through dialogue existing thoughts will change and new knowledge will be created’ (Freire, 2012)


This document is a record of research into 7 collaborations artists undertook with a fellow artist or with others from differing disciplines. My objective is to acquire a personal deeper understanding of the terms used, working practices and processes employed in the success or failure of the completion of collaborative artworks.

Using the quote from Paulo Freire as a thought catalyst it is expected that a realisation will occur. The intention is to substantiate that creative, collaborative relationships can cause artists’ and their collaborators’ thoughts to ‘change and new knowledge will be created’.

View my latest submission by clicking below:

Julie Williams 18018445 - Collaborative
Download • 2.23MB

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