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I am scared

When I began my studies, I was trapped in a bleak and desolate mental state, devoid of any desire to keep living. My sole objective was to silence the relentless intrusive thoughts that haunted me every day, just so I could make it to the next morning. Then, a faint glimmer of hope emerged as I allowed myself to be creative. Gradually, I started incorporating mindfulness into my routine and embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring topics I had never even heard of before. Reading articles, books, and philosophical works, as well as visiting galleries and museums, ignited a fire within me and stirred a longing to delve even deeper.

As I approach the culmination of my studies, I cannot help but feel a blend of emotions - happiness and contentment, yet apprehensive about what is to come. Vacating my safe space within the academic environment leaves me with a sense of longing akin to that of a mother who realises her babies are growing up too fast, However, in the midst of this uncertainty, I have found solace in my growing passion for creativity mindfulness and research. I know that I can rely on these newfound tools to help me navigate the unpredictable path ahead with greater clarity and purpose.

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