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Are We There Yet?

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Hold onto your pants, get into first gear, the accelerator is to the floor! I have to write a blog for my degree documenting my journey.

At each junction I fear that I will turn, only to find I am confronting a glaring voyeur who witnesses my truly despicably untidy car full of McDonald bags, sweet and salted popcorn kernels and Cadbury chocolate wrappers.

I am expecting some unfortunate accidents, beeping traffic jams and kids in the back shouting "ARE WE THERE YET?". The answer is no I am here, and there is a long way off!

Please, don't expect to find each post amusing, I am not always up beat, sometimes the headlights are not switched on!. In fact it is my quest to answer the questions:





The answers are not always funny more funny/strange, you may feel the window wipers need replacing ........

Theartfulj Julie Williams

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