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Is art a measure of truth or is art truth a measure of art?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Is art a measure of truth : after all the passionate veracity behind the concept of the artist’s expression is a measure of its value?


Is truth a measure of art : the story of the truth of the moment, the myth, that informs the artist?

Perhaps, we as artists produce an entity, with its own spirit, we exhale life into a canvas and grow a sculpture out of the seed of an inspired idea.

If you view a piece of art as a sentient being, at the point of creation or conception it has no past, no history; it is set in the context of the moment that was present at the time it was created or conceived. ‘It’ can, however, affect the future, as after its moment of creation has passed, it transforms into historical record of a previous experience.

The artist, in comparison to the art, has history; expressing a symbolised representation formed within themselves, a memory of a location, story, emotion; a representation of a sensual experience. The nature of art is as intricate and distinctive as each artist is unique in their own sphere of thought. The method of expression used, is only a tool, like a chair enables us to relax when we sit; a ‘facilitator’, that allows us to identify with a feeling or emotion of another human being.

​We see divinity in ourselves as we create; art holds up a mirror to reflect the audience and its creator. Expression through symbolised representation helps humanity gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as individuals in relation to the rest of the world, its forms and inhabitants.

The subjective and collective views of audiences are affected by the opinions and myths surrounding the artist; locality changing the concept and in turn, the art affecting the space it inhabits, altering perception.

The question remains: Is art conceived in the subjective conception of the person who experiences it, or, in the artist who creates it? I propose that a piece of art is in a continuous cycle of rebirth as each person inhales it, for the first time.

Theartfulj Julie Williams

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