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Catch any Fish?

The British love to queue

Not only do we have to queue for the shops on the High street we join virtual queues as Debenhams closes. This gentleman looks like a rebel, has he jumped the queue and is he standing too close. Whilst everyone else lines up, he fishes. Whilst everyone else is scared to 'catch' something deadly, he waits patiently his main purpose is to 'make a catch'.

Verb: catch; 3rd person present: catches; past tense: caught; past participle: caught; gerund or present participle: catching Contract (an illness) through infection or contagion. "he served in Macedonia, where he caught malaria" Similar: become infected with; contract; get; take; become ill/sick with; fall ill/sick with; be taken ill with; show symptoms of; succumb to; develop; go/come down with; sicken for; fall victim to; be struck down with; be stricken with; go down with; take ill with; take sick with

Capture (a person or animal that tries or would try to escape). "we hadn't caught a single rabbit"

Succeed in evoking or representing. "the programme caught something of the flavour of Minoan culture

Intercept and hold (something which has been thrown, propelled, or dropped). "she threw the bottle into the air and caught it again" Similar: seize; grab; snatch; seize/grab/take hold of; lay (one's) hands on; get one's hands on; grasp; grip; clutch; clench; fasten on; pluck; hold; hang on to; receive; acquire; get; come into possession of; intercept

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