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My past artistic endeavours

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

I am a hoarder of sorts, I lose things then find them later. The contents of my handbag and pockets offer up the strangest things, an onion perhaps or blue cheese wrapped carefully in cling film.

Obsessive Collecting

My obsessive collecting may relate back to me losing my possessions when I was homeless. The sense of loss when a home and the people in it are separated as their parents separate is gut wrenching. Due to the privacy of my family I am not going into the surrounding trauma that caused me to break.

I am not a hoarder of things that are physical, in fact my home is moderately tidy. I hoard experiences, sounds, research, digital photos and use these to inform my art.

Investigating through visual or sound art has saw me using collected objects such as:

  • Locks of hair collected from survivors of sexual violence.

  • Items from a derelict house coupled with sounds of interviews to highlight abuse suffered in domesticity.

  • Photos of the word HOPE created by myself and participants using collected items in their locked down spaces

Opening up to other Mediums


I hate the idea of being confined within a medium and love to experiment the photos above show the results three of the many mediums I have explored:

J mixed media -paint and oil

J My hair and copper wiring

J Ink and water

Theartfulj Julie Williams

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