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My workspace - Outside

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

My workspace is currently a transient space, outdoors, my car, my bed on my couch. Being in social isolation, for me, is unbearable; I am normally rarely alone.

The video featured is drone footage, expertly filmed by Ben Hastings from @brh_videos Instagram. Location Findlater Castle. (Findlater Castle | Canmore, 2020)

For the first few weeks of lockdown I retreated to Kinloss, Moray to stay temporarily with my partner and created first my hope project.

Leading on from this I found myself smiling at strangers on my walks noting how more people were smiling back - at the beginning.

As time went on and fear gripped, many passing walkers would lower their gaze, step to one side, as if one word would cause an utterance of virus that would seep into their lungs.

As restriction eased, fear eased and I decided to approach strangers to see if I could catch the fear, solitude, isolation and hope in a moment, a pause a snapshot.

. .This blog category documents a journey from fear to hope then conspiracy returning to fear. I have undertaken a hoarding of images of people, places and signs. This saw me travelling around Scotland to stunning locations, some of them very hard to find.

Findlater Castle near Cullen, Scotland was one of my favourite and I was lucky enough to have some drone footage.

Reference 2020. Findlater Castle | Canmore. [online] Available at:

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