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Together times one

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Just one step closer and it is all over

When I walked past this family I noticed them all lying there as 'one household' peering over a cliff edge. I assume that they have been positioned like this because they see the danger and know this is safer than standing. Just one step closer to the edge, they would meet an untimely end.

We have been told to keep in our 'households', to stay two metres away from each other or we could meet an untimely end. We position ourselves in our homes, fear of mixing with others; stepping too close is palpable. We buy toilet roll, 'lie down' and button down the hatches only to emerge as a unit, venturing outside only to take our daily exercise..

Photo take at Findlater Castle with the kind permission of this beautiful family, to me, this piece shouts we are in this together.

Adverb: apart

(of two or more people or things) separated by a specified distance in time or space. "two stone gateposts some thirty feet apart" Similar: away from each other; distant from each other

no longer living together or close emotionally. "alcoholism had driven us apart" Similar: separately; not together; independently; on one's own; separated; divorced

To or on one side; at a distance from the main body. "Isabel stepped away from Joanna and stood apart". Similar: to one side; aside; to the side; separately; alone; by oneself/itself; distant; isolated; cut off.

Used after a noun to indicate that someone or something has qualities which mark them out from other people or things. "wrestlers were a breed apart"

Used to indicate that one is dismissing something from consideration or moving from one tone or topic to another. "Alaska apart, much of America's energy business concentrates on producing gas"

So as to be shattered; into pieces. "he leapt out of the car just before it was blown apart". Similar; to pieces; to bits; in pieces; up; in two; asunder

Phrases: apart fromexcept for. "the whole world seemed to be sleeping, apart from Barbara"

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