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Life Trauma led to Creative Expression

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

At the age of 52 I suffered a major upheaval in my life resulting in a mental ‘hiccup’, This glitch flicked a creative switch that has seen my focus shift to artistic expressive pursuits.

Resetting My 'Self'

Becoming homeless at 52, resulted in me taking the opportunity to stay with my sister in Florida for a few months. This time allowed me to reset my life and reassess my goals and dreams.

An artistic 'accident' started me on a journey that I never thought was within my reach. Holding a paintbrush was totally alien, so, I was shocked to see I had a hidden talent that I could explore. This pursuit gave me a place to retreat to, away from all the heartbreak and turmoil; a safe space.

At present studying in my third year of Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice at the Inverness campus of The University of Highlands and Islands.

Vocational history

My personal achievements prior to this ‘glitch’ have been mainly in furniture and design layouts in the Kitchen and bedroom industry. For over 25 years I saw myself in the fortunate position of Designer to Director for my own and other businesses.

Theartfulj Julie Williams

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